Learn ZF2

“Learn ZF2″ is the best Zend Framework 2(ZF2) book dedicated to helping you learn and develop applications in Zend Framework 2 fast and easy. And recommended from the ZF2 Gods.



Zend Framework 2 (ZF2) has changed the way to develop PHP applications and like every revolution takes time to be digested. The book will help you understand the major components in ZF2 and how to use them as best as possible. The chapters in this book will lead you through the different components and in the process together with the author you will build a complete application.
The author of the book is Slavey Karadzhov who is Senior Consultant at Zend Technologies. The book is created with the help of contributors, some of which are also main ZF2 course creators and core ZF2 developers. The chapters in the book are accompanied by source code that you could copy, and it will help you learn by example.

Where can I get the book?

Why can this book help me?

“In this book Slavey shares his real life experience with ZF2 projects, as a senior consultant at Zend Technologies, and hits all the major challenges you may face. It is a must-have if you want a quick start and proficiency in ZF2.”
Andi Gutmans & Zeev Suraski

What will I find in the book?

  • Major ZF2 concepts and components
    • Modular Design
    • Event Manager
    • Service Manager
    • Model-View-Controller (MVC)
    • Database Access
  • Better Code Quality
    • Unit Tests
    • Coding Styles
  • Better Performance
    • Tips and Tricks
    • Cache
  • Better Reusability
    • Hydrators
    • Entities
    • Integration with Doctrine
  • Better Security
    • Logging
    • Cryptography
    • Access Control Lists
    • Authentication
  • Better Package Management
    • Using Composer

Is the book up to date?

The problem that most computer books are facing is that they are out of date relatively soon or even before they start to be printed. Which makes them less helpful for you. We are taking special care to keep “Learn ZF2″ up to date. We use print-on-demand and update the content of the book on a regular basis. This means that when you buy a copy of the book it will be always up to date!